The Many Ways You Can Benefit From Physical Rehabilitation

An estimated 20% of American adults are living with chronic pain, and many of them report that pain keeps them from engaging in at least one major life activity. Chronic pain can have a significant impact on your daily life, limiting your mobility, preventing you from doing things you enjoy, and causing or contributing to anxiety and depression. If you’re living with chronic pain, physical rehabilitation can help restore your function and improve your quality of life. Learn what this rehab can do for you.

Who can benefit from physical rehabilitation?

The physicians at Carolinas Center for Advanced Management of Pain work with physical therapists trained to evaluate and treat physical problems related to injury, disease, condition, or disability. Your treatment team’s goal is to restore function and mobility and help you maintain proper physical function. A wide range of conditions can benefit from physical rehabilitation, including:

This isn’t an exhaustive list. Our team can evaluate your pain and create a comprehensive treatment plan to best address your pain and improve your physical functioning.

Benefits of physical rehabilitation

Reduce or eliminate pain

The primary goal of physical therapy is to reduce or eliminate your pain so you can function better. PT consists of exercises and manual therapy techniques that help restore muscle and joint function and relieve pain. Treatment may include electrical stimulation and other tools to help alleviate pain and promote healing and recovery.

Reduce the need for pain medication

Medication can help control pain, but it doesn’t address the root of the problem. Common medications used to control pain also can have side effects and may cause dependence. Physical rehabilitation can help improve your function and reduce your pain so you can decrease the need for pain medication.

Avoid surgery

Many people who deal with chronic pain due to a condition or injury are unaware that in some cases, physical rehabilitation can help you avoid the need for surgery. If you do need surgery, physical rehabilitation can help you improve your condition in preparation for surgery as well as help you recover better from surgery.

Prevent injuries

In addition to assisting your body in healing, physical rehabilitation identifies weak areas of the body that may be at an increased risk for injury. Physical therapy can help strengthen weak muscles and joints and target areas that are vulnerable to injury. Improving strength in weak areas can help you avoid future injuries.

Improve mobility

Pain commonly limits mobility — a stiff, painful arthritic knee can make it difficult to walk or engage in physical activities that you enjoy, for example. Not only is mobility important for physical activities, but it’s also crucial for independence. Our team can create a treatment regimen to restore muscle and joint function to improve your range of motion and reduce pain so you move better.

You can get pain relief through physical rehabilitation, allowing yourself to enjoy life again. To learn more about this comprehensive approach to managing pain at Carolinas Center for Advanced Management of Pain, call one of our six locations throughout North and South Carolina to schedule an appointment.

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