Why Rehab Is So Important When Recovering From an Injury

Injuries are common when participating in sports, fitness activities, and exercise training. Good training habits help minimize your risk of injuries, but sometimes injuries occur despite your best efforts to avoid them. Overuse and accidents are also common causes of injuries.

Physical rehabilitation plays a key role in healing and recovering following an injury. If you’re injured, physical therapy offers immense benefits to your recovery.

Physical therapy for injuries

The board-certified team at Carolinas Center for Advanced Management of Pain helps patients recover from a wide range of injuries. Our rehabilitation services help you learn how to restore function so you feel like yourself again.

An injury affects the body in various ways. Often the injured areas lose strength, and this may create an imbalance in which other areas attempt to compensate. Physical therapy not only helps the injury heal; it rebuilds strength in the parts of your body that are affected. Physical therapy has other benefits as well.

Here, we provide an overview of how rehab plays a vital role in recovery from injuries.  

Avoid surgery

It may surprise you to know that physical therapy can often help patients avoid surgery for their injury. Rehab can help in healing and eliminate pain so your muscles — and supporting tendons, ligaments, and structures — become stronger.

In many cases, a properly rehabbed injury can recover to an extent where surgery may not be necessary. Keep in mind that certain severe injuries may require surgical intervention. When this is the case, rehabilitation can improve your recovery from surgery and help you heal.

Improve mobility

Injuries often reduce mobility, making it more difficult for you to walk and move. Our physical therapy program often involves stretching and strengthening exercises. These exercises are designed to help restore movement and range of motion.

During recovery, you may need to use assistive devices, such as crutches. The goal is to reduce the stress on the injury as it heals and increases strength so you can improve your ability to move.

Recover from brain injury

Brain injuries such as stroke can impair movement. Our rehabilitation providers work with patients who’ve had a stroke to strengthen weak parts of the body, correct gait, and improve balance. The goal is to increase physical capabilities so you can regain independence in common daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and other daily living functions.

Recover from sports injuries

Sports injuries are incredibly common, and our sports rehabilitation program can help you get back to your sport as quickly as possible. Sports rehab not only helps your injury heal, but it also can improve your physical capabilities so you can prevent injury in the future.

Improve balance

We screen for fall risk when you begin physical therapy. Any injury can have an impact on your balance and increase your chances of falling and further injuring yourself. Physical therapy can improve coordination as you heal so you maneuver better and feel more balanced when you move. This also reduces the stress on nearby muscle groups.

Rehabilitation isn’t just for injuries

Rehab programs at Carolinas Center for Advanced Management of Pain also help manage chronic pain. Inflammation is a key factor in chronic pain — something physical therapy can help reduce. A program for chronic pain is designed to strengthen muscles and joints, reduce inflammation, and address movement dysfunction.

The core treatment can balance the central nervous system to make it less sensitive to pain signals so you achieve some pain relief. Physical therapy can treat:

Physical rehabilitation is an invaluable tool in recovering from all types of injuries. For an evaluation and to learn how we can help you, call the location nearest you to schedule your visit. We have clinics in Greenville, Spartanburg, Columbia, and Anderson, South Carolina, as well as in Asheville and Gastonia, North Carolina.

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